[6/9/17] A Special 3 Day Filing Period Starts Next Week To Fill Positions Previously Not Filed For

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The path to this fall’s General Election is clearly defined by state election law.

County Auditors supervise all Primary, General and Special Elections for all State, County, City, Town, School, Hospital, Cemetery and Parks Districts.

The process begins early in the calendar year when auditors make public, a list of all offices open for that year.

May 15 – 19 was a filing period for interested parties to declare their candidacy. In most cases, if there are 2 or fewer candidates for a position, they move directly to the General Election in November.

However, if there are 3 or more candidates for any one position, they face one another in an August Primary Election, in which voters decide which two move on to the November General Election.

But, what happens when no one has filed for an open office?

Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore, says election law addresses that through a Special 3 Day Candidate Filing period…

060917 Special Filing Days 1 :34 “…to happen a lot.”

Election law specifies a 3 day special candidate filing period. But does not say when. Douglas County held theirs May 23- 25.

In Chelan County, it’s next week- Tuesday, June 13- Thursday, June 15th

060917 Special Filing Days 2 :23 “…the august primary.”

So, what if no one files for an open position…

060917 Special Filing Days 3 :24 “…to possibly file for.”

Are you interested? Visit the Chelan County Auditors website at:


Or call them at: 667-6828