[7/29/16] A Red Flag Warning is in effect for Saturday afternoon through Saturday evening for the Central Cascade Valleys.

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A Fire Weather Watch is issued when the potential for severe fire weather exists in the near future.

You may see a Fire Weather Watch issued when there is a low probability of the event developing. If there is a high probability of dry lightning, then a Red Flag Warning will be used.

Red Flag Warning

A Red Flag Warning is issued to indicate the imminent danger of severe fire weather and a relatively high probability of occurring.

A Red Flag Warning may or may not be preceded by a Fire Weather Watch. A Red Flag Warning will normally be issued for severe fire weather events less than 12 hours away from occurring. They are typically issued in conjunction with the routine narrative forecasts. The area affected, onset time, and a statement describing the conditions will be included in the forecast. Red flag warnings are cancelled if subsequent information indicates that the expected conditions are no longer going to occur. This cancellation is disseminated either by headline in the routine forecast or special