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It is, as Jeff Conwell put it to me, “stupid cold” out there, and the wind chill certainly doesn’t help. With temperatures as cold as they are, the Chelan County PUD sees power usage rise, and this week could see a record, according to Rachel Hansen:

And if you’d like to prevent your electric bill from setting a new record, the PUD has some tips for you that will also help reduce stress on the electric system:

  • turn down your thermostat, and cozy up with a sweater or a blanket. Turn down the thermostat one or two degrees.

  • Let the Sun in during the day, but close your drapes at night.

  • Check your water heating settings, don’t have the thermostat on the water heater above 125 degrees.

  • Prevent unwanted heat loss by using a draft stopper, or even just a blanket at the base of a door, and minimize how often you are going in and out of your home.

There are more tips, of course, at the PUD’s website, chelanpud.org/coldweathertips.