[10/15/21] Link’s 30 Millionth Rider From Manson

Posted in Transportation

There was some celebrating on Link Transit’s Route 21 bus from Manson to Wenatchee last Wednesday morning around 11 am. That’s because on that bus was Link’s 30 millionth passenger. Link Communications Manager Erik West tells you who she is:

Now was Harris the EXACT 30 millionth passenger? West says there’s no real way of knowing. But according to the numbers they’ve collected, she’s close. West adds they’ve used different ways of tallying passengers over Link’s 30 years:

For more than a year now, Link has been a free service, meaning they’re not collecting fares to ride the buses. This summer, Link’s board of directors authorized free service to continue through at least next June as an incentive to get more people to use Link. West says Link ridership is about 75 percent of what it was prior to the pandemic, and that’s they’re doing better than a lot of transit services across the nation, whose ridership is far less.