[5/26/21] Future of Manson Dog Park

Posted in Recreation

The Buckingham Family now owns a piece of the property that had been part of the Manson Dog Park.  So what’s the future for the park?  Manson Parks Board Chairman Rob Campbell says not to worry:

Campbell says the 45 feet of property that has been the subject of controversy is only a small portion of the entire dog park:

That stretch of park is currently closed due to erosion.  On Monday, Chelan County Commissioner Tiffany Gering said Manson Parks has been able to get permits to do some erosion work and repair; Campbell says he’s ready to get to work:

Which means, he says, that – if things go well – the park could be open to people and dogs by the end of next week.  But one question: if the entire park is 180 feet long, why such an argument over that 45 feet on the end?

Which now brings up the future plans for the park:

And that, Campbell says, will include more lawn space.  So, bottom line: there is a Manson Dog Park, and there will always be a Manson Dog Park, and down the line, an improved Manson Dog Park.