[5/19/21] More Deputies For Chelan County

Posted in Law Enforcement, Local Government & Meetings

You may see more deputies on the job in Chelan County by the end of the summer. 

It may be a stroke of good fortune as a result of the pandemic: with the onset of COVID last year, county commissioners asked all departments to be very conservative with their money.  The sheriff’s office decided to forego travel and training, the normal hiring processes were shut down, and attrition in the sheriff’s office occurred without new hires to replace those who departed.  As a result, according to Sheriff Brian Burnett:

Then with the 2021 budget, commissioners asked departments to hold the line on spending to the same allocations as 2020.  And as the Sheriff explained at Tuesday’s Manson Community Council virtual meeting . . . 

But things are improving, and Burnett says with the revenue situation and the reserve fund, Burnett made a request of commissioners when he met with them Tuesday:

Sheriff Burnett says he’s hopeful the three deputies will be added in September, but certainly by the end of the year.