[6/24/19] Pangborn Service

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It’s been over a year since the Port of Chelan County embarked on expanding service to the bay area. Friday, Port consultant, Jack Penning Managing Partner of Volaires Aviation, spoke to a crowded room of Chelan and Douglas County Business leaders.  Penning gave a progress report and explained some of the challenges in getting a deal done, citing the fact that airlines don’t feel pressure to expand as a result of airline consolidations, making enticing an airline to add routes more challenging.

Despite the obstacles, Penning is very optimistic:


How can you help? Penning says knowing how people in our area are traveling is valuable:


Penning says they have met with multiple airlines and are working to land one at Pangborn that can provide network connectivity with a brand name. While there are no guarantees, Penning believes the Port of Chelan County will have a deal within the next twelve months.