[12/17/21] 2022 Chelan County Budget Passed

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

Chelan County Commissioners on Monday passed a balanced budget for 2022.

Revenues next year are projected to be 46-point-5 million dollars, with projected expenditures at 49-point-7 million. This means the county may need to dip into its general fund to bridge the gap between expenditures and revenues. Commission Chair Bob Bugert said the county has a healthy reserve which will allow any gap in the budget to be plugged.

Since October, commissioners have been working with departments to reduce projected 2022 expenditures. Originally, commissioners were facing an additional 3-point-2 million dollar gap; however, with cuts they were able to get that down to $1-point-5 million.

Projections still show the county’s 2022 revenues lower than 2021, potentially by almost a million dollars.

Commissioners made a similar decision last year, and were prepared to use money from the general fund to balance the 2021 budget. But the county had enough unanticipated revenue to cover last year’s 1-point-6 million dollar shortfall.

Commissioner Bugert says one goal for next year will be to find more revenue-generating resources for the county.