[12/31/21] 2021 In Review: Short Term Rentals

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Three letters of the alphabet were, just like last year, among the hottest stories this year. The letters: S T R. Short term rentals. And the question surrounding them: what kind of regulations should Chelan County put on them? You’ll remember that when the year began, The County Commission decided not to vote on regulations, but instead to put together a task force with representatives from both sides of the issue to formulate regulations by the end of April, and present them to the Commission. Community Development Director Jim Brown made the presentation, the regulations then centered on three tiers of short term rentals:

At the end of June, the public had their say at a hearing. The comments came from all sides:

It all came down to a unanimous vote on July 27th. The regulations went into effect in August, and applications have been taken for STRs existing prior to the county’s moratorium to be inn effect grandfathered in – that application period ended yesterday. Now the county will accept applications for new STRs. And they’re still looking for a third code enforcement officer to make sure the rules are obeyed, something Commissioner Gering has said from the beginning is important: