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Northwest MedStar Takes to Air 5/22/2014


Northwest MedStar, the region’s critical care transport provider, took flight on Wednesday from its air medical base at Anderson Field Airport in Brewster. The 24 hour base is home to an Airbus EC-135 Helicopter and staff of 14 people including respiratory therapists, nurses, pilots and an aviation mechanic.

Northwest MedStar has leased land from the airport and purchased a 3,600 sq. ft. hangar at the airport. Northwest MedStar has a 1,400 sq. ft. crew quarters near the hangar. The investment in this additional base (not including the aircraft) is estimated at more than $575,000. Annual crew salaries and benefits are estimated at more than $1 million. 

With this announcement, Northwest MedStar now operates six bases: Brewster, Moses Lake, the TriCities, Palouse and Spokane in Washington and a Missoula, Montana base that went operational in April of this year.


Northwest MedStar offers a membership program that shields people from emergency air transport costs not covered by health insurance. For more information visit: