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ATV's on Okanogan Roads 5/5/2014

 A proposal to allow wheeled all-terrain vehicles on nearly 600 miles of Okanogan County roads is inching closer to reality this week. The public comment period relating to Environmental Review closed last Friday and according to Planning Director Perry Huston, Okanogan County Commissioners will soon have a decision to make. 

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 Washington State passed legislation in 2013 allowing counties to decide whether or not to allow WATV's, wheeled all-terrain vehicles, on county roads. The use is limited to roads with speed limits of 354 mph or less and WATV's must be inspected and licensed. 

The licensed vehicle is required to hae a head lamp, tail lamp, turn signals, mirror, horn, muffler device, and a windshield unless the driver wears glasses, goggles, or a face shield. All equipment must also meet federal requirements. 

To learn more about the Okanogan County ATV proposal, contact Perry Huston at 509.422.7218.