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Lake Chelan Levy: Thank You 2/27/2014

The Lake Chelan School District Board of Directors would like to take this time to thank our community for their overwhelming support of our most recent Maintenance and Operations Replacement Levy. We appreciate the vote of confidence the community has placed in this district with a 61.43% YES vote!

We recognize the responsibility we have to maintain and improve every day in the work we do for our kids and our community. Because of your support, our students continue to achieve exceptional results. At Chelan High School, 97% of our students graduate on time. That is 20% GREATER than the state average. We see consistent double digit improvement in students from grades 7-10 in both reading and writing state assessments. Our End of Course exam scores in Algebra and Geometry are consistently 10% higher than the state average.

In addition, according to the State Superintendent’s Office, close to 70% of our students go on to either a 2 year or 4 year post-secondary educational institution – 10% higher than the state average. This does not include the roughly 5% more that go into the military. Additionally, many of our students take advantage of our myriad of Career and Technical Education courses and graduate with the skills to be successful in a career of their choice right out of high school.

Many of our students graduate from Chelan High School with a number of college credits under their belt due to the number of College in the High School courses, AP courses and other college credited courses we offer, thus saving families money on their overall college costs.

As we move forward over the next two years of this levy, we will continue with this current work and effort while also expanding our Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) offerings as well as expanded after school tutorial and enrichment programs and pre-school programs.

We recognize that without the support of our local community, these kinds of course offerings and opportunities for students would not be possible. Your local levy dollars are making it possible for our students to graduate from the Lake Chelan School District with skills and attributes to take advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself to them as they leave our system. College and Career Readiness as well as Kindergarten readiness is a reality in Lake Chelan. Thank you as always for your support of our students and staff in the Lake Chelan School District!


Board President, Jim Colbert Board Vice President, Siri Tift


Director, Ken Brunner Director, Lynda Foster


Director, Jeff Fehr Superintendent, Robert Manahan