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02/24 Monday KOZI News Bites 2/24/2014

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued five special permits in the Methow Valley allowing hunters to use dogs to track and kill cougars in response to numerous problems this winter.

The Wenatchee World reports the permits are a result of numerous sightings and incidents in which cougars have killed livestock and pets in the Twisp and Winthrop areas. So far this winter, a dog was seriously injured and two goats and a sheep have been killed by cougars.

Wildlife officer Cal Treser says the permits are called public safety cougar removal permits, and they're issued when areas experience numerous complaints. Hunters with hounds are drawn by permits and allowed to hunt in specific areas.


The nation's governors are taking a cautious approach on legalizing marijuana despite increasing support.

Republicans and Democrats gathered for the National Governors Association meeting in Washington this weekend expressed broad concern for their children and public safety should legalized recreational marijuana use spread to their states.

States are watching closely as Colorado and Washington establish themselves as national pioneers after becoming the first states to approve recreational marijuana use in 2012. A group is hoping to do the same in Alaska this summer.