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Manson Elementary School – Water Damage Update 2/17/2014
Manson School District has contracted with an independent environmental consultant to assess the water damage and restoration efforts.  The consultant will assist the restoration contractor in developing a protocol and timeline for recovery. 
• There are still portions of the affected areas that are still wet and need more time to dry before permanent construction occurs. 
• 2 rooms whose sheetrock was removed revealed a small amount of loose sand material in the cinderblock wall that is being treated with precaution as a potential asbestos containing material.  The material was removed over the weekend by asbestos professionals and the rooms will be fully abated before any students or staff re-enter.
• 3 bathrooms will be completely rebuilt.  
• Further testing of drying conditions and air quality will occur on Monday Feb 17th.
• Four rooms will be restored to service temporarily.
• The remaining 4-5 rooms/learning spaces, hallways, stairs, bathrooms will remain “out of service”.  Once these areas have been restored fully, the “longer term” temporary fixes to classrooms will then be restored, likely over mid-winter and/or spring breaks.
• Tuesday will be a transition day with staff having an opportunity get the temporary classrooms ready for instruction on Wednesday 
• Preschool teachers are calling all preschool families and letting them know 
preschool students will return to class on Wednesday
• Elementary after school programs are cancelled all of this week. Guided tours of the the affected school areas will be offered to parents and concerned citizens on Tuesday February 18 at 1:00PM.  
For more information please contact: 
Manson Schools @  687-3140