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Christmas Snow in the Forecast 12/24/2013


Mostly Sunny. Patchy morning fog.  Afternoon Highs around 30.  Thursday...Partly sunny.  Highs in the lower 30s.  Friday through Monday...Mostly Cloudy.  Overnight low 16 to 24.  Daytime Highs in the Upper 20s to Lower 30s.  

Christmas Snow in the forecast.... well KOZI version of Christmas Snow....

 2013 Christmas Programming Schedule KOZI FM / KOZI AM

Monday December 24

12pm-3pm     Christmas Snow

  3pm-4pm     Miracle On 34th Street

  4pm-5pm     It's A Wonderful Life

  6pm-7pm     Christmas Snow

  7pm-8pm     A Christmas Carol / Scott Brundage

  8pm-9pm     Christmas Snow

 9pm-10pm     A Christmas Carol / National

10pm-12mid   Christmas Snow


Tuesday December 25

12mid-8am   Christmas Snow

 8am-9am     Handel's Messiah

 9am-3pm     Christmas Snow

 3pm-5pm     A Christmas Story / Chelan Valley Players

 5pm-12mid Christmas Snow


Wednesday December 26

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