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Initiative 502 and State Liquor Control Board 10/21/2013

 Washington State Liquor Control board voted last week to adopt the proposed rules for implementing Initiative 502; the law that made recreational marijuana legal in Washington State.

Spokesman for the Liquor Control Board, Brian Smith, says this is the final step in the rule making process, although tweaks may be necessary as the state run industry hits the streets…

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The new rules will now go into effect 30 days from their adoption, which will be November 16th.

You can voice your opinion on Initiative 502 by sending an email to

You will also have an opportunity to speak out locally on the Initiative here in Chelan County when commissioners will hold a public hearing on their 6-month moratorium they enacted on potential marijuana businesses.

Under state law, the county has 60 days to host a hearing about the moratorium and the actions the public would like to see county officials take on implementing recreational marijuana.

County Commissioner, Keith Goehner (GAINER), says the hearing will give the public the opportunity to express their opinions on the matter…

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Again, that public hearing will be held at 1:00 on Tuesday, October 29th in the commission board room at 400 Douglas Street, Suite 201 in Wenatchee.