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Food Labeling...Genetically Engineered 10/8/2013

You've seen the “USDA Certified Organic” and “Grown Local” labels in the grocery store—and now, with I-522, you could begin seeing some foods labeled as “Genetically Engineered.”

The current movement here in Washington, calls for genetically engineered foods to be clearly labeled as such.

Voters will be receiving their ballots in about two weeks- offering Washington residents the opportunity to weigh in on the measure, brought to the ballot by more than 350 thousand residents who signed petitions last year. That's the second largest number of signatures for an initiative in state history.

Elizabeth Larder is the Communications Director for the Yes on 522 Campaign. She says consumer awareness and knowledge is the primary benefit to the law...

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The No on 522 Coalition, and its spokeswoman, Dana Beeber, says the law would increase costs for both farmers as well as consumers- increasing the average family's grocery bill by $400 a year, and it will actually mislabel many products on store shelves...

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To read the full text of Initiative 522- go to the Washington Secretary of State website at and click on 522.