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The Washington Health Benefit Exchange 10/2/2013

It's finally here- after years of talk and speculation, the Affordable Care Act moved from pending to initiated yesterday- with enrollment beginning for the states new health benefit exchange.

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange is a public and private partnership created to fulfill the goals of the Affordable Care Act in the state.

The way to find the coverage plans that work for you is through 'Washington Health Plan Finder,' an online marketplace for individuals, families and small businesses to compare and enroll in health insurance coverage.

Communications Director with the Washington Exchange, Michael Marchand, says the site will allow users to view different plans side by side and choose among nearly 50 different coverage plans...

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Officials are hoping to have 130 thousand people purchase insurance through the exchange by the beginning of 2014. And, according to Mike Krideler, Commissioner for Washington State Office of Insurance, many of those will likely be those who either don't have insurance, or have expensive coverage that does not fit their specific needs...

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Marchand, adds that he beleieves that plans inside the exchange will ultimately provide more coverage and benefits than those outside, but admits it all depends on the individual situations...

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The Washington Health Benefit Exchange's toll free number is 1-855-WA-FINDER. That's 1-800-923-4633. It is open 7:30 AM to 8PM. You can also go online to