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Chelan Man Removed From Burning Trailer 9/3/2013
 Sheriff Brian Burnett reports on September 3, 2013 at shortly after midnight, Rivercom received a call from a 59 year old subject stating his neighbor’s RV was on fire.  The same reporting party called back and advised that his own trailer was now on fire.  Deputies arrived a short time later and made contact with several neighbors who stated that the owner was still inside the burning trailer.  Deputy Ryan Moody and Deputy Adam Musgrove ran inside the trailer and discovered the owner lying on the kitchen floor.  With smoke and flames filling the house and the temperature beginning to get extremely hot, the Deputies yelled at the owner to get up, but the owner refused to move.  The owner told the Deputies to “let him burn.”  The Deputies had to physically pick the owner up and carry him out of the burning trailer because he was refusing to leave on his own.

Once both Deputies removed the owner to safety, they spoke to the owner of the other trailer who stated the subject they rescued from the trailer had turned off the power to his trailer just a short time before the fire.  The owner who was rescued had made threats to harm the second owner.  The second owner traveled down the road to get cell reception to call 911 and when he returned, he saw his trailer engulfed in flames.  He attempted to get a fire extinguisher from the first owners’ porch, but that owner, the same one rescued, tackled him and tried to pull him to the ground.  The second owner was able to get away and attempted to put the fire out.  Both trailers were destroyed.  The first owner was arrested for assaulting the other trailer owner and it is unknown why or at what point the first owner went back into his burning trailer.  An investigation by the State Fire Marshall’s Office and the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office as to the cause of the fire is being conducted.  It has not been confirmed if the fire was accidental or purposely set.  Neither Deputy received injuries during the incident and the subject removed from his trailer was treated for smoke inhalation. 

Tune in Wednesday morning for more on this story.