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Granite Mountain Fire Is 30-Acres 8/6/2013
The 30 acre lightning-caused Granite Mountain Fire, burning 19 miles west of Leavenworth, Washington, has prompted trail and area closures around Klonaqua Lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.  These closures have been enacted for public and firefighter safety.
An area, approximately seven square miles in size, is closed to public entry around the fire zone.  Trail closures in this area include Klonaqua Lakes Trail No. 1563 and French Creek Trail No. 1595 from its intersection with Snowall Creek Trail No. 1560 to its intersection with Paddy-Go-Easy Trail. 
Signs advising recreationists of the fire and area and trail closures will be posted at trailheads leading into the closed area.
The smell and haze of smoke may be noticeable in the Icicle drainage and also in the town of Leavenworth depending upon weather conditions and wind direction.  Fire managers do not anticipate that smoke will affect any tourism activities in and around Leavenworth.
The fire was started by a lightning storm that passed through North Central Washington on Sunday, August 4.