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Lightning Starts 5 Fires In Okanogan Co 8/2/2013
Firefighters across Okanogan County responded to several lightning caused fires following this afternoon’s storm.


Five fires in the Methow Valley are staffed with firefighters from the Forest Service.
•                    Action 394 is about four acres in the Benson Creek area.
•                    Action 396 is less than one acre in the Libby Creek area.
•                    Action 398 is about one acre and is staffed with smokejumpers.
•                    Action 399 is less than one acre near Eightmile Creek.
•                    The Davis Lake fire, east of North Cascades Smokejumper Base is visible from the valley.
Several other fires are burning on lands protected by Washington State Department of Natural Resources, including fires in the Texas Creek area and north of Methow, Washington.
Firefighters from the Tonasket Ranger District continue to provide support to rural fire departments and Washington State DNR.
The red flag warning for abundant lightning continues until 8:00 p.m. this evening.  Tonight’s weather forecast is for showers and possibly thunderstorms with northwest winds.
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