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Video Contest For Kids Who Love The Park 7/23/2013
 The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission and the Farrington Foundation remind kids there’s still time this summer to enter a film contest focusing on a favorite state park.

The contest, entitled, “Why I Love My State Park,” features multiple prizes of up to $500, to be offered in the fall. Kids must submit their videos by Sept. 15. 
The Farrington Foundation is partnering with Boys and Girls Clubs of Washington State to offer the contest. The idea is to get kids outside and provide a fun focus for a video project. Winning videos may be used by the Farrington Foundation and Washington State Parks, to promote the park system and the Farrington mission, which is to “create and preserve open spaces while opening minds of all ages to unlimited opportunities in the great American outdoors.”
Young videographers, individually or as a team, may choose one state park to be the subject of their short film created around the theme of “Why I Love my State Park.” The videos submitted for consideration in the contest must be no less than two minutes and no more than seven minutes in length. Contest applications are required and may be downloaded at, where contest rules also may be found.
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