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Rifle Missing From GC Sheriff's Office 5/16/2013
 Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones has asked the Washington State Patrol to conduct an investigation into an M4 rifle missing from the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.
“I am enormously concerned about this missing rifle,” said Sheriff Jones. “I am sorry to alarm the public that such a weapon has been lost from our control, and I reassure everyone that we will find the rifle and anybody who is found to be responsible for any malfeasance will be held accountable at the highest level.” 
The rifle was unaccounted for during a recent GCSO internal routine audit and equipment inventory. The rifle was last logged into a secured firearms room at the Grant County Courthouse in Ephrata, but is not accounted for and its whereabouts is unknown. 
Immediately after it was discovered missing, the GCSO conducted an internal audit and investigation to try and locate the rifle. When the rifle was not found during the internal investigation, Sheriff Tom Jones asked the Washington State Patrol to investigate, thus providing a set of eyes from outside investigators. 
An M4 rifle is made by Colt Firearms. It is similar to the M16 rifle used by the U.S. military, but the M4 has a collapsible butt stock and shorter barrel. It fires a 7.62mm round. The GCSO uses the M4 as a rifle issued to patrol deputies and is a common weapon used by law enforcement agencies nationwide. A likeness of a similar rifle is attached. 
For further information, please contact Sheriff Jones at 509-754-2011 ext. 468 during regular business hours.