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Union Valley Resident Meeting Wednesday 5/14/2013
As readdressing efforts continue across the nation to improve emergency services- ChelanCounty is focusing efforts on the UnionValley area and is planning an open house for affected residents this Wednesday.
Most residents of the UnionValley area will see their addresses change in the near future.  Although this process may cause some inconveniences, the benefits of consistent, logical, addressing will far outweigh the effort of changing your address.
Current addressing in this area has caused numerous problems for emergency services, general delivery, and GPS navigation and does not meet federal requirements.  Road name duplications and random address sequencing are prevalent throughout. 
The new addresses, assigned by ChelanCounty will also be used by Emergency Responders, reducing response times, saving lives and property.
Lori Beidler, Chelan County Readdressing Officer, says the UnionValley area is currently the county’s most problematic area.
But, Beidler adds that the entire process will begin with the community open house this Wednesday, for those who reside in the UnionValley area.
Wednesday’s meeting will be held at the Chelan County District 7 Fire Hall at 232 Wapato Way from 4:30pm to 7pm.
Also on the list for future readdressing efforts include areas of Manson, the Apple Acres area, parts of Highway 97A, as well as Highway 97, North Road between Leavenworth and Peshastin and River Road in Plain.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio