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DNR Offers Firewood Permits Online 5/1/2013
The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR)  is offering online firewood cutting permits for locations on state trust lands in Chelan, Kittitas, Klickitat, Yakima, and Skamania counties. These permits are good only for state trust lands – not lands managed by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife or federal lands.
There is no need to call DNR’s Southeast Region Office to get on a waiting list; simply visit DNR’s firewood cutting permit web page. Scroll down to select “Southeast Region Firewood cutting opportunities” to see locations with permits and maps. Once you print and sign the permit, your permit will be valid.
These permits are for personal use only; it is illegal to sell firewood obtained through this process.
The conditions on the permits are the same as those previously offered by DNR. Firewood cutters are still required to have the permit in their vehicle window and available upon request at the site. Since logs and other downed wood and snags are important for wildlife habitat and a key aspect of DNR’s State Trust Lands Habit Conservation Plan, the public is asked to cut wood only in designated sites and to not cut marked snags and downed wood.
A Discover Pass ( is still needed, and fire season restrictions and rules still apply. Green Dot road restrictions, where applicable, will still need to be followed. You may need a state trust land map, available on DNR’s website. 
Visit DNR’s firewood cutting web page at
Questions may be directed to DNR’s Southeast Region Office at 509-925-8510 or by email to