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Sheriff's Office Prepares For Summer Tourists 4/25/2013
It may just barely be Spring, but for ChelanCounty Sheriff’s Office- it’s time to prepare for the upcoming summer season.
ChelanCounty North Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, tells KOZI that deputies are kicking preparations into high gear for the upcoming official kick off to the summer tourist season- starting with Memorial Day Weekend.
And, of course, along with summer on Lake Chelan, the Marine Patrol plays a big part for ChelanCounty Sheriff’s Office, and this year, that department is undergoing some internal changes.
Patrol Unit Coordinator and Supervisor is Sergeant Randy Foltz retired, and his replacement was injured- so Huddleston says he will be splitting his time between water and land- leaving a gap in training volunteers.
Huddleston admits that they will be running with about 10 volunteers rather than the usual 12-15, however assures us that we will likely not see any shortage of marine patrol presence on the lake.
The Marine Patrol Unit is responsible for patrolling the waters of ChelanCounty for the purpose of preventing crime, enforcing applicable federal law, state law, and county ordinances. In addition, the Marine Patrol Unit is responsible for performing rescue operations for persons and vessels in distress, assisting other divisions and agencies as needed, maintaining buoys and navigational markers, investigating marine accidents and incidents, and removing objects from the water that present a hazard to vessels.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio