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Dogs Suspected In Livestock Kills Bailed Out 4/11/2013
The owners of the two goats killed in one of two recent livestock attacks in Chelan, says he believes the culprits are the three dogs that were seen near his property and near the carcasses of the three sheep that were killed nearby just days earlier.
Todd Harrison says his goats were killed sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday morning last week – and says his family had taken precautions before the attack with the installation of a fence that stood over five feet.
Eric Oswald, who Todd Harrison refers to, is an officer with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife- and after his initial investigation of the Harrison’s goats, called in Animal Control Officers, who handle calls regarding domesticated animals.
Harrison says one of the hardest parts of this ordeal, is that fact that the goats killed belonged to his children.
Sergeant Jodi White with the Wenatchee Valley Animal Control, told KOZI News yesterday, that two of those dogs were picked up last weekend, but have since been released back to their owner.
Sgt White says that while the owners could potentially be issued an at-large citation- the Animal Control office will not be pursuing a dangerous dog seizure because no eye witness actually saw the dogs kill the livestock.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio