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Library Issue On Chelan Council Agenda 4/10/2013
The heavy hitter on this week’s Chelan City Council meeting- which will take place tomorrow evening- is the ongoing discussions regarding the library project.
The City of Chelan purchased the old MasonicTemple on Emerson Street last spring, and quickly began making plans to rebuild to allow for the library to move in. The city then received a $490 thousand Community Development Block Grant- and the community, through the leadership of the Friends of the Library, raised another $160 thousand.
But- when bids came in higher than expected- with the lowest bid about $80 thousand more than anticipated- the city had to weigh its options.
The council will now look at adjusting the budget in order to complete the project, and City Administrator, Paul Schmidt, says the council will have two agenda bills to consider.
Schmidt adds that it’s unlikely that going out for bid again will bring in anything lower than the first round.
Tomorrow meeting will begin at 6PM and will be held in the Council Chambers at ChelanCity Hall on Johnson Avenue. And as always- the public is invited and encouraged to attend.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio