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3rd Dog Saught In Chelan Livestock Attacks 4/9/2013
Wenatchee Valley Animal Control is knee deep in an investigation after receiving two reports of dogs killing livestock near Chelan Butte Road.
KOZI first heard of these reports on 2nd Cup of Coffee last week- and followed up with officials from the Wenatchee Valley Animal Control for more details.
According to the investigators, in the first report- three dogs were seen near the carcasses of three freshly killed sheep on the morning of Monday, April 1st. Three days later, a pack of three dogs matching the same description was seen near two dead goats.
Dawn Davies, Executive Director for Wenatchee Valley Animal Control, says they still do not know if the three dogs are responsible for the animals’ deaths.
Wenatchee Valley Animal Control is contracted by 10 different jurisdictions within Chelan and Douglas Counties: the Cities of Chelan, Cashmere, East Wenatchee, Entiat, Rock Island, Wenatchee, and the town of Waterville as well as both Chelan and Douglas Counties. Animal Control Officers are available to assist with emergency situations, such as injured animals and aggressive animals 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
KOZI has attempted to make contact with the livestock owners and as soon as we are able to learn more from them, we will bring that information to you. Stay tuned as we follow this story.
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