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Free Suicide Prevention Training 4/8/2013
The Suicide Prevention Coalition of North Central Washington (SPC of NCW) is offering free training to groups and organizations in the Wenatchee Valley. Based on a model from the QPR Institute, this 90-minute suicide intervention training, also referred to as Gatekeeper training, helps ordinary community members to recognize warning signs of a suicide crisis.
Dr. Julie Rickard, founder and Director of SPC of NCW, also the Behavioral Medicine Program Manager at Columbia Valley Community Health, has already trained hundreds of community members using this model and is reaching out to businesses and organizations that have staff or volunteers who would benefit from this training. 
“We have already trained the police department, city staff, school administrators, probation, school counselors, teachers, medical workers, and many more not listed,” Rickard said.  “The way to heal our community and keep the people we know safe is to learn prevention strategies by dedicating 90 minutes to hear the information. There are 29 Gatekeeper Instructors waiting to train your group, and we will come to you.”
QPR is an acronym for Question, Persuade and Refer and Dr. Rickard wants this training to become commonly available for everyone.  “We want this to be like CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver in that everyone knows how to react when they see signs or symptoms in the people they interact most closely with. We want everyone to know what symptoms to look for specifically with family, friends and coworkers. We aren’t training them to treat the threat, but simply to recognize the symptoms, know how and where to access the necessary resources, and get an at-risk person the help that they need.” 
Anyone interested in receiving training for their group or employees can email  SPC will work with any group to set up a convenient time for their private training. The trainings are free of charge.
Individuals can attend ongoing public trainings which will soon be listed on the SPC website and are posted on their Facebook page. For more information about Suicide prevention, post-vention, Gatekeeper trainings, volunteering and other resources, please call the Suicide Prevention Coalition at 509-881-8122, visit or on Facebook at