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Family Faces Needs In Aftermath Of Fire 4/5/2013
An account has been opened at the Manson Branch of Wells Fargo Bank to help the Alejo family who lost their home to an early morning fire Wednesday on Washington Avenue- across the street from Blueberry Hills in Manson.
The fire was called into Rivercom Dispatch just before 1:30 AM after Jose Alejo was woken by his dog and found smoke in the basement near a woodstove. He quickly woke his wife and fled the home- and made a call to 911.
The couple then stood by and watched their home, and all its contents destroyed as firefighters battled the blaze.
Manson Fire Chief, Arnold Baker, says that although the structure was a complete loss- the community support has already proven strong.
And, while the local Red Cross Apple Valley Chapter has stepped in to help, Executive Director, Mariah Thornock, says that help is temporary, and the families needs will continue to grow over the next week.
Blueberry Hills is accepting clothing donations for all three members of the Alejo family, gifts for their daughter, Natalie, who turned 10 on the day of the fire- and will have a party on Saturday. You can drop any of those donations off at KOZI and we will make sure it gets to the Alejo family.
You may also stop into the Manson or Chelan branch of Wells Fargo bank and help the family out with the account called Alejo Donations.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio