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Chelan Woman Arrested For Mail Theft 2/20/2013
ChelanCounty Sheriff Deputies have arrested two tied to the recent string of mail and identity theft cases in the ChelanValley- and they aren’t done yet.
ChelanCounty North Sergeant, Rob Huddleston says the two arrests made late last week included 27-year old Korina Lynn Vick, of Chelan, who was booked into ChelanCountyRegional JusticeCenter.
KOZI will continue to follow the story as the Sheriff’s Office makes more arrests- putting at least a temporary hold on local mail and identity theft.
However, officials urge residents to take precautions to protect your mail:
Take out a Post Office Box and pickup your mail at the Post Office or purchase and install a heavy duty locking mailbox. 
Also, ask the post office to hold your mail for you while on vacation.
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