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Community Joins Forces To Help Jerry Jr. 2/11/2013
A meeting of the minds is set to take place this week to make plans for a community pep rally aimed at raising hope and lifting the spirits of the Jerry Isenhart family, as Jerry Jr. begins his battle with cancer.
Ray Dobbs, a longtime friend of the Isenhart family, gives us a rundown of Jerry Jr.’s condition.
The account, which has been set up at North Cascades National Bank, is called the Isenhart Family Care Fund and is now open and accepting donations.
Wayne Wright, another family friend and former KOZI personality, read an few lines from a note recently sent by Jerry Isenhart Sr.
Dennis Rahm, reminded us that the Isenharts need more than just the financial support, and encourages folks to send well wishes to Jerry Jr.
Again, anyone who would like to donate can either go to a North Cascades National Bank to the Isenhart Family Care Fund, or to
Or, to leave well-wishes for Jerry Jr.- visit the kozi website at for the direct link.
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