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Former Hospital CEO Awarded $350,000 2/5/2013
A three- arbitrator panel has issued a final order requiring Lake ChelanCommunityHospital to pay former hospital CEO Dave Bernier $350 thousand in damages for defamation.
A letter written by Bernier’s attorney, Leslie Hagin, was sent to KOZI Radio last week, requesting that we remove articles from our website concerning the hospital’s allegations dating back to June, 2009.
Included with Hagin’s letter, was a copy of the Arbitration Panel’s final Award- which addresses more than eight claims against Lake ChelanCommunityHospital by Dr. Bernier.
Most of those claims were dismissed with prejudice by the panel, meaning the ruling is final and cannot be brought back to court. The cases dismissed include claims for breach of contract, wrongful withholding of wages, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and violations of constitutional due process.
On his claim for Defamation- which is the act of harming the reputation of another by making a false statement to a third person, Dr. Bernier was awarded $350 thousand.
The arbitration ruling also states that Dr. Bernier owes the hospital nearly $9 thousand for moving expenses, a housing allowance, unpaid credit card charges, unallowed reimbursements and personal expense charges.