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OK Investigation Clears Deputy In Shooting 1/24/2013
On November 10th, 2012 the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to advised one of their Deputies had been involved in a shooting.  The location was approximately one mile past Wood Hill Rd. on East Dry Coulee Rd.  Okanogan County Undersheriff Joe Somday contacted Douglas County Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal to request mutual aid from Douglas County to investigate the shooting.  It is common practice to use outside agencies to investigate such situations involving the requesting agency’s personnel.  Douglas County investigators spent several weeks collecting and examining evidence and interviewing involved parties.  The suspect, Neal Mix, had attempted to elude Sgt. Hawley after being signaled to stop for a traffic violation.  During the pursuit, the vehicle Neal was driving left the roadway and rolled over.  When Deputy Hawley approached the vehicle, a shotgun barrel appeared from the car window and fired in his direction.  Sgt. Hawley returned fire and hit the suspect twice, once in the arm and once in the leg.  Neither injury was life threatening.  There was a female in the vehicle who was not associated with the shooting.  She was not seriously hurt in the rollover.  On December 13th, 2012 Chief Criminal Deputy Michael R. Wagg informed Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers that Sergeant Tony Hawley acted within Washington State law and Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office policy, and that he was justified in his use of deadly force when he returned fire after being shot at by the suspect.  Any charges against the persons in the suspect vehicle will come from the Okanogan County Prosecutor.