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Brewster Hires Long Awaited 6th Officer 1/23/2013
Brewster Police Department has hired former Twisp Police Officer, Mike Hartnett- putting an end to a battle between the Brewster Police Department and the Brewster City Council that lasted about a year and a half.
The Brewster Police Department was finally given the go-ahead to re-establish a 6-officer force, after operating with five officers due to a hire freeze imposed by the council after the retirement of an officer in June of 2011.
The recent decision to allow the sixth officer to be replaced follows a survey sent out to Brewster residents, seeking input on the issue.
Brewster Police Chief, Ron Oules, says his department, as well as the community, are fortunate to have Officer Hartnett on board.
Hartnett comes to Brewster as a lateral hire, meaning he is fully trained and qualified – something Chief Oules says is a huge bonus for the city.
Officer Hartnett, who is expected to begin patrolling solo by mid-February, will earn a monthly salary of about $4 thousand.
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"CLICK HERE" for Audio