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Link Holds Meetings On Route Changes 1/22/2013
Link Transit will host a public meeting in Chelan tomorrow afternoon to take comment on the proposed changes to bus routes, including Route 31- which serves between Manson and Chelan.
Link announced the possible route changes at the end of 2012 that would eliminate some rural service, change the way service is provided to some communities and add service to some routes.
Marketing Coordinator for Link Transit, Eric West, says tomorrow’s public meeting will offer an informal opportunity for the public to gather more information on the proposed changes and offer feedback.
In addition to the route changes, West says Link is also considering reducing some or all fares as an incentive to increase ridership, with a flat fare of $1 regardless of the trip length.
With feedback gathered at the public meetings, including the one in Chelan tomorrow, Link will possibly modify the existing proposals and move forward from there.
Tomorrow’s public meeting will be held at the ChelanCity Hall from 4PM to 7PM.
If approved by Link Transit’s Board of Directors, changes will go into effect on July 1st of this year.
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