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Sheriff Gjesdal Addresses Gun Control 1/18/2013
Officials across the nation, and some close to home, are speaking out on the gun control measures proposed by President Obama, who on Wednesday,  introduced a wide range of new regulations and laws on the sale and possession of firearms, the first serious attempt to do so in nearly 20-years.
Some of the main legislative proposals backed by Obama are: requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales, including private sales; banning military-style assault weapons; limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds; and strengthening penalties for gun trafficking.
Douglas County Sheriff, Harvey Gjesdal, contacted KOZI to give his take on the President’s suggested measures.
The four measures President Obama presented – which, when taken together, ranks among the most ambitious legislative projects of his presidency – appears to have varying levels of support in Congress. It is even proving to be a tough sell with some members of his own party.
Democratic Republican, Denny Heck of Olympia, said through his spokesman, that he is “committed to protecting the Second Amendment and the traditions of sportsmen” but also wants to ensure that children are not scared of getting shot at school.
What do you think of President Obama’s proposed gun control measures? We have posted that poll question on our website: and invite you to visit and answer that question- and of course, you can always call Second Cup of Coffee later this morning and tell us what you think.
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