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FS Seeks Comments On Methow Projects 1/9/2013
The Forest Service is seeking input and comments on proposed management activities in the SouthSummitForest and Fuels Project area on the Methow Valley Ranger District.
The 47,000-acre project area lies within the Lower Beaver Creek, FrazerCreek, Summit Creek, Chiliwist Creek, BensonCreek, Alder Creek-Methow River, Texas Creek-Methow River, French Creek, and Swamp Creek sub watersheds east of Twisp, Washington.
Proposed management activities include thinning, harvesting, hand and machine debris piling, ladder fuel reduction treatments, underburning, construction of hand fire line and machine fire line. These management activities will result in the removal of saw timber and non-saw timber for use in area sawmills, pulp mills, wood pellet manufacturers and electric power generating facilities. 
The proposed project addresses the need to thin dense forest stands, to reduce fire hazard on national forest lands within the wildland-urban interface, to improve forest health, and the need to modify some existing road systems to provide for long-term resource management, recreation use, and reduced impacts on aquatic and wildlife habitats.
Comments should be sent by February 4, 2013 to District Ranger Michael Liu, Methow Valley Ranger District, 24 W. Chewuch Road, Winthrop, Washington, 98862.  Comments may also be sent electronically to .