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LuLu Boutique Catches Burglar On Camera 1/2/2013
Tara Kalain Agostinelli, owner of Lulu Boutique in downtown Chelan, is hoping video footage from a surveillance camera will help identify and lead to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for an early morning burglary on New Year’s Day.
ChelanCounty Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched by Rivercom to LuLu Boutique at 114 South Emerson in Chelan just before 2am on New Year’s Day. Deputies found the glass in the front door shattered with obvious signs of a burglary.
Tara was celebrating the New Year in Arizona with her husband, Brandon, when they received a phone call from a friend, telling them about the break-in.
Tara says she installed a surveillance camera last summer, with the intent of monitoring activity in the store while it was open.  But after arriving in Chelan late last night, she was able to review a playback from the surveillance camera that clearly shows someone in their 20’s shatter the window in the front door of the popular downtown boutique, and then make off with armloads of handbags, purses, clutches, and other inventory from the store.
Tara tells us that temporary repairs have been made to the front door, and it may be weeks before all the damage can be cleaned up and a complete inventory can be taken to determine what all was taken in the burglary.
Tara wants to thank everyone who has sent her messages of support since the burglary was reported early New Years Day and she vows to have LuLu Boutique opened as soon as possible. In the meantime, she plans to turn the video from the surveillance camera over to Chelan County Sheriff Detectives in hopes of quick justice
 Click link to see surveillance video: