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Snowmobilers Enjoy Bountiful Snowfall 12/26/2012
With our recent snowfall in the ChelanValley and surrounding area, there is no shortage of winter activities in the area.
The Chelan Ranger District has several road closures in place for snowmobiles as well Echo Ridge open for cross country skiing and snowshoeing.
Elka Missle, Information Specialist for the Chelan Ranger District, shared with KOZI the highlights to Echo Ridge, which is 10 miles north of Chelan.
The District also maintains several snowmobile parks, most of which opened last week.
Elka reminds those who will be on their snowmobiles that certain permits are required, but admits that with the new DiscoverPass, it can get a bit confusing.
Anyone who would like up to date information on road closures that are currently in place for all snowmobile areas, including Slide Ridge, Grade Creek and ShadyPass- can call the Chelan Ranger District at 682-4900.
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