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Winthrop Trail Path Negotiations Hit Snag 12/17/2012
The SusieStevensTrail in Winthrop is 15-years in the making- and could still be years away as the Town has been unsuccessful at negotiating an agreement with the Foghorn Ditch Company to allow the trail to cross the ditch in two locations.
The bike and pedestrian path, when complete, will link the downtown area to the business district at the south end of town.
The first phase of the project has been completed with a bridge over the MethowRiver and a large segment of trail. The town has applied for grant funding that will be awarded next summer.
Winthrop Mayor, Dave Acheson says its with the second section that the town ran into a road block .
The problem with Foghorn Ditch Company, Acheson says, is not a financial bartering issue.
Acheson admits that the town has been waiting a long time for the completion of this project, but they will remain patient.
The project remains high on the Washington State Resource and Conservation Office’s priority list and the agency will stay behind the town in their quest to reach an agreement with the Foghorn Ditch Company.
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