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Bridgeport Opens Treatment Plant Bids 12/17/2012
The Bridgeport City Council opened bids for construction of their long awaited Wastewater treatment improvement project at their meeting last Thursday, but they aren’t ready to share the name of the company they plan to award the project to.
That will come at their first meeting after the new year.
Bridgeport mayor, Marilynn Lynn, says the council is confident in their choice, adding that they were pleasantly surprised by the number of bids they received.
The wastewater treatment project has been in the planning phase for more than a year- and Lynn says that the city is thrilled to be moving forward to the next chapter.  
The project was originally slated to cost $8 million, but the city was able to cut costs enough to put the project in the $5 million price range.
The current wastewater treatment facility was built in the early 1950’s and is reaching maximum capacity at a time when the city’s population is projected to continue to grow.
The City of Bridgeport will announce who they will award the project bid to at their City Council meeting on Wednesday, January 9th.
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