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Library Building Comment Cleared Up 12/14/2012
A comment recently made by a Chelan City Council member struck a nerve with library supporters throughout the valley who have raised more than $200 thousand dollars in support of renovating the old Masonic Temple Building to use as a new library.
The comment, came from Chelan Council Member, Mike Cooney, at a city council meeting last month, months after the city secured a grant and purchased the building. The comment was referring to the plans for using that building.
Friends of the Library president, Gary Sterner, told KOZI in an interview yesterday that that comment caused quite a stir, adding that he has since been reassured by Council member Cooney on the intent of his statement.
Those problems Sterner refers to is the need to find a permanent location for the Food Bank as well as Chelan Valley Hope, an organization formed with the purpose of offering referral assistance to underserved and vulnerable residents in the lake Chelan valley. Both organizations have been temporarily housed in the Masonic Lodge building while renovations are taking place.
And it’s a problem that staunch library supporter, Liz Welch agrees with.
The library is still expecting to move into the new building, with the space originally penciled out, in late summer of 2013.
Stay tuned to KOZI shortly after 8Am this morning, when we will have City officials in the studio to talk about this subject, as well as the city council meeting from last night.
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