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Twisp Considers Final Fire Service Contract 12/11/2012
The Twisp Town Council will meet tonight to discuss the latest offer from Okanogan County Fire District 6 in the ongoing battle to reach an agreement on a contract for fire service.
Last month, District 6 offered to reduce their price from $48 thousand and provide services for $40 thousand, which was $1,500 less than the town’s fire budget for 2012. Twisp, however, countered that offer with $35 thousand and the district has agreed to accept it, but with a catch.
The District created a contract that would provide an increase in costs over the next five years.
District 6 Fire Chief, Don Waller, told KOZI that it is important that the people in Twisp have access to the emergency services they need, and that it really came down to a gesture of goodwill by the fire district.
Although District 6 board of commissioners voted unanimously to approve the contract amount, they also added that this will be their final offer.
Twisp council meets tonight at 7Pm in Council Chambers on Glover St in Twisp.
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