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Chelan Teriyaki Wins 2012 Sugar Plum Award 12/4/2012
The Historic Downtown Chelan Association (HDCA) presented the “2012 Sugar Plum Award” to Chelan Teriyaki on Saturday, Dec. 1st, after three judges sampled the restaurant’s “Perfect Ending” dessert during HDCA’s Small Town Christmas Dessert Taste-Off.
Just before 2:30pm on Saturday, a trio of distinguished judges gathered in preparation for a tough task—taste five fabulous desserts created by five downtown Chelan restaurants and rank each dessert using a low to high scale of 1-5. The judges included Cathy Morehead (Habitat Store Manager, who also has catering experience), Jay Witherbee (KOZI AM Host//News), and Scott Anderson (North Cascades National Bank, President/CEO).
The judges visited the following five restaurants in the order presented below and sampled their dessert entry:
Campbell’s Resort—Chocolate Butter Pecan Cookie Sandwich (two soft dark chocolate cookies with a sweet butter pecan cream filling between them)
Bear Foods Café Creperie—Gingerbread Crepe with Sweet Pumpkin Cream (a generous crepe filled with from-scratch gingerbread and all gluten free!)
Chelan Teriyaki—The Perfect Ending (fried pastry filled with chocolate, hazelnut, and banana slices)
Riverwalk Inn—Pumpkin Cupcake with Salted Caramel Buttercream (small pieces of salt in the creamy frosting provided a nice taste surprise)
Local Myth Pizza– Stout Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream (dark, moist brownie made with stout beer)
Each dessert was evaluated based on the following questions:
1. Was this dessert visually appealing?
2. Did this dessert taste good?
3. How satisfying was this dessert?
4. Would you order this dessert again?
5. Would you recommend this dessert?
Total tallies on the evaluations were close, but Chelan Teriyaki earned the “Sugar Plum Award” and bragging rights for 2012’s Small Town Christmas Dessert Taste-Off.