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Suicide Prevention Training Program Coming 12/4/2012
The Suicide Prevention Coalition of North Central Washington recently received more than $20 thousand in funding that will aid in facilitating a training program.
Dr. Julie Rickard is the Behavioral Medicine Program Manager at Columbia Valley Community Health and recently founded the Suicide Prevention Coalition. She told us that the $20 thousand came from three different local sources, and is vital in the organization moving forward.
Dr. Rickard adds that suicide effects so many of us, that it is important that everyone learns how to offer help for those who need it.
Dates for the training program are set for January 16th and 30th and February 13th at Columbia Valley Community Health.
Anyone who would like more information on the Suicide Prevention Coalition, or the training program can visit their website at or click on the link on our website at
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio