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Methow Beacon Waiting For FAA Approval 11/30/2012
The battle surrounding the newly installed beacon at the MethowValleyStateAirport continues and the Washington State Department of Transportation says they will now make a request to the Federal Aviation Administration to allow for a pilot activated beacon.
WSDOT Aviation Director, Tristan Atkins, tells us that it all began about three years ago, when the decades old beacon that was there, didn’t make it through a severe snow storm.
The Department of Transportation then began considering their options and completed a visual impact analysis to study the effects from the beacon and asked for feedback from area residents.
Atkins says they received more than 400 comments from that study.
It’s expected to be months before a decision will be reached, and in the meantime, the new beacon will remain off.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio