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Tied Vote on Renewal of Chamber Lease 9/26/2012
Chelan county P.U.D commissioners ended with a 2 to 2 tied vote on the proposed renewal of Chelan Chamber of Commerce lease agreement.
The Pud owns the building that is currently being used for the Chamber of Commerce. The proposed lease amount is a base of $10,000 plus the lease hold tax which is 12.84% totaling over $12,000.
Randy Smith was unable to attend the meeting that ended in a deadlock vote, Anne Congdon and Dennis Bolz both voted in favor of the lease agreement while Norm Gutzwiler and Carnan Bergren voted against it.
Commissioner Dennis Bolz says after the impasse they will revisit the issue at their next meeting.
Anne Congdon goes on to say outside resources have been helpful involving the negotiations between the PUD and the Chamber.
Tune in tomorrow to hear what chamber director Mike Steele has to say on this topic.
 The Commissioners will be discussing the issue at their next meeting, which is set for Monday, October 1st.
"CLICK HERE" for Audio
"CLICK HERE" for Audio