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Okanogan Complex Fire Update 9/24/2012
The Buckhorn Fire was once again quiet on three sides, giving firefighters opportunity to complete preparations for the final assault.  The northwest flank has remained hot and active, and plans are in place to begin burning out the remaining fuels between the fire and the Middle Fork of Gold Creek.  Residents are advised to expect smoky conditions today in the Gold Creek vicinity.
The Goat Fire continues to blaze brightly and conspicuously along the rim above homes near the Golf Course at AltaLake.  As the fire proceeds slowly down the rocky bluffs, firefighters are waiting at the bottom with hoses and sprinklers, dozer lines, engines, and crews to stop it from advancing further.  Elsewhere on the fire, the line constructed to the northwest along Adam’s Ridge was breached last night.  Firefighters will survey the situation to make containment plans.  There was also growth to the southwest.
The Hunter fire was patrolled on Saturday and there were no visible smokes. The Leecher Fire continues to be checked for hot spots with hand-held infra-red sensors.
Management of the Goat Fire will shift toay as Washington Incident Management Team 5 assumes responsibility for suppression activity.  Future updates regarding the Goat Fire will be produced separately by the Washington Team.
Oregon Incident Management Team 1 will continue to direct activity on the Okanogan Complex, which will consist of the Buckhorn, Leecher, and Hunter Fires. The Oregon Team is working with local agencies to develop a plan to return responsibility for the Complex back to the local agencies.